If you stopped receiving messages from us, please check the points below:

1. you have the newest app version 6.7.3 - check in the app Settings page - Account information and if needed, update the app; log out, then log back in

2. you are logged in and online most of the time, the app is running in the background at all times

3. app is installed on the same phone where you have your SIM with the registered number
4. make sure that Wi-Fi calling option is turned OFF on your Android device

If none of the above helps resolve your issue, please note that to ensure the quality of our service, we prioritize sending messages to our users based on two main criteria:

1. New users with the lowest number of received SMS.
2. Users who are constantly available for testing.

If you’ve already received a lot of messages in the past, registering a new SIM card can have a big positive impact on your chances of receiving more tests. Once you have a new number registered, please let us know and we will transfer the balance from your old number in case you didn't manage to reach the min. withdrawal amount of 2 EUR.

Thank you for your kind understanding and for using our app.